Poem of the Day -Let There Be Light

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
 Let there be Light

I believe Lucifer was 
a homesexual;
in Love with God

touched Him
in such ways that

displeasing to Him.

And He was moved. Approximately
1 centimeter to the
left. "And on the third day,
there was Light."

II. Lucifer created the sun,
sun, sang and sung the sun,
and God
rejected him.

and the sun. His rays,
those rays,
sun's rays
are rejections,

God's hidden lies;

that's why
it hurts to look at them

if you stare at them too long, you'll
go blind. Which is

most love is found, anyways.

-Stephanie Ambroise aka EmpathicAya

Chicago oh I Love you!

Monday, February 22, 2010
So I visited Chicago with a friend last weekend and I had a wonderful time. Chicago is everything that I want in a city minus the false advertisement about having great pizza! We tried at least 5 pizzas from different spots and nada. Nothing made us say wow. Sorry to say this but even Boston has better pizzas. Aside from that, I would love to move to Chicago, especially to Wicker Park. I've met some artists there and they've inspired me to continue doing art but I was also told "keep your day job" lol.

My favorite building
Isn't this statement powerful? 
Fierce sista resting at the SAIC museum
We met up with an old college friend
Now, I'm not a fan of popcorn but damn they have some good popcorn here
Sardine doors

Wicker Park. Place for people with shoe fetishes...

It was a great time
We ended our experience in Chicago with a fabulous drag queen show

7 months locing

Whoop there it is! 7 months locing update. You know, I'm less erratic about my hair now. I re-twist every 3 or 4 weeks and I keep a simple hair maintenance routine where I only use Vitamin E oil with water as my conditioner/moisturizer, and tea tree shampoo. I still use Aloe vera gel to re-twist. I also brush my hair now.

My hair is getting more fuller and thicker now as you can see...

So I ran out of Aloe Vera gel and really needed to get my hair did and too lazy to go out to buy some more. So I had some creme wax lying around and said "ahhhh what the heck".

Ummm like ewwwww. Big mistake. Using creme wax makes my hair look lifeless and stife. Also big ALSO, it gives me dandruff, itchy scalp, and makes my hair smell terrible. I trashed that sh it...
Big NO NO to creme wax and anything with mineral oil and petroleum...

Ok so this lady loc sticking up in the picture below, is 'Souljah Gal'. Let me tell you something about her. She's always there to remind me to stand up for my rights. Whenever I'm in a stressful situation and afraid to speak up, she sticks up saying "Yo T! You know what time it is...you better say something!". I love her...


I used to call the loc in the center 'bashful', because she tucks in for some reason. I think she's getting out of her shell though...


This one is 'forest gump'. Let me tell you, she used to be all weird looking. Scraggily and her body tried to catch up with her. I even thought she was going to fall off one day because she had a bizarre shape. I wish I had a before pic to show y'all what I mean, but now she's evolving and getting more solid and unified...


I know that I may sound oh so strange, but yes I name some of my locs. They each express their individuality and have personalities of their own. Only loc wearers may understand what I mean...Any hoo, I know it's only been 7 months but I love my hair. As my hair evolves, I'm realizing that I am my hair. They go through similar moods and they're everything that I am, and emulates the stages that I've been through in life. Yes, I used to be 'forest gump', 'bashful', 'Ms. Magnetik', and 'why me' (that's why they reside in the back row), 'irie', 'cheerful', 'sunshine', and 'Souljah gal' are in the front row and are the characters that I am now becoming. Speaking my mind in a respectful way of course, and standing up for myself. I know some readers are saying "girl please, it's just hair" but I believe it's much deeper than that with locs...


Fabulous quote

Friday, February 19, 2010

"He said he’d give her the world,
She said she had her own"

When "I do" becomes, I wish I didn't

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
"When 'I do' becomes, I wish I didn't" was one of the posters I saw in one of Chicago's train. It was an advertisement from a divorce law office, looking to help those in a long, pricey, and draining process. I nudged my friend and pointed to the poster, and we both laughed. We didn't laugh because of the cleverness of the ad nor were we laughing at the comic figures of the groom and bride with paper bags covering their heads. We laughed because the subject matter: marriage, was a recurring topic for the weekend.

"So when do you plan on getting married?" my old college friend asked my friend and me while sipping on martinis in a small cozy bar in Chicago. My friend replied that she doesn't believe in marriage and that its only a paper, while I explained, "I myself don't believe in marriage, but I will only marry someone if I plan of having children with them." It's the current thought that's been streaming in my mind during my quarter-life crisis stage. Personally, I say I would want a husband and not a baby-daddy, for fear of having my probable future child to experience the negativity that I myself experienced from growing up in a single parent household, but also because of fear of dealing with the gossips and lack of respect from my family and perhaps friends.
So what is the real reason behind marriage?      

Is it love?
what if love fades away?
Is it religion?
Is it for the tax break?
I heard those were lovely...
Is it for financial security?
Legal benefits?
green card? Is it for the social acceptance?
Can I get a witness for my life!Is it to avoid loneliness and have a sense of belongingness?
guiltless Sex?
How often to you find happily married couples?
Obligation to their family?

Or is it because people assume that marriage equals commitment and never realizes that it's not guaranteed.
Or is it because they don't know that commitment can exist without being married and the reverse rarely works.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against marriage, and power to the people who knows how to make one work (I truly admire you) but with the sky rocket divorce rate, I want to know what's the motive behind marriage for some. As I mentioned before, if anyone ever hears that I got married, it's because I love that person enough to want to bear children with him and see him as a good male figure. But my honest true motive is because, even if marriage does not work between me and that guy, it makes me feel secure enough to remind that guy their duties of being a father and working together as parents despite our differences. However, couldn't that still happen even if we were never married with children?
So maybe I want to live my fantasy dream of having a complete family through my probable future children and would marry for the wrong reason. Nothing is guaranteed, so should I leave all my expectations behind, or am I right for calculating my reasons to get married for my probable future children?

As I'm getting older and surrounded by friends my age who are tying the knot, I want to be able to know if I have the right idea about marriage. Since I was 14, I've always said I don't believe in marriage simple because I've witness people make a mockery out of their vows. It always seemed to me that some people assumed that marriage holds hands with happiness. Obviously that's not always accurate. I also see unhappy couples stay together for their children sakes, and live a long miserable life. What scares me the most, are the women who remains in an abusive marriage because they don't believe in divorce and so on and so forth.

Now I wonder, is marriage still a relevant custom in today's society?

Tightrope-Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Click on the title to hear the song. Her artistry is amazing in this song and that's why I'll always be a fan.
He Says

He says that I’m beautiful
But it’s deeper than brothers                                        
Honkin horns
blowin kisses
Buyin drinks
He says my beauty can be seen even better with his eyes closed
Every now and then
he swears he can touch my beauty but he says
He’s not worthy and he’s glad I can’t see that
He says he likes my style
Feminine with a little rugged
Just enough lady mixed with ghetto chic and urban funk
He says I’m powerful with poetry
The way I use ordinary words and make them sing
He hums my songs
He says he knows me
Favorite number-4
Favorite color-black
Favorite juice-peach
Favorite style-free
He says he loves the way I make love
With my whole self
Imploring, no, demanding he do the same
He says that I constantly make myself new and better
he loves that quality
an I do think that maybe one day possibly
I could spend my life with him
He says he loves me
I say I’m just lucky and I’m glad
he can’t see that

-Jill Scott

Morning Bird-Sade

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Morning Bird

How could you
you are the river
out of this life
how could you
you are the morning bird
who sang me into life
everyday fly away

you are the blood of me
the harvest of my dreams
there's no way i can find peace
and the silence wont cease

won't let me be

if you set me free
i will not run
i will not run
i will not run


Unbelievable song. Favorite one so far...


This woman speaks to my soul...   

Alvin Ailey

Monday, February 8, 2010
I adore this picture!



Models are from Alvin-Ailey American Dance Theater

Dancers are performing in Boston this year. Praise the Lord! Finally, I'll be able to say I've lived... once I see the genius of Alvin Ailey with my eyes

Michael Jackson an illustrator?

Artwork by Michael Jackson

Yes The Michael Jackson...

I'm speechless.
Apparently this news been circulating around for awhile now, but I had to bless my blog with his incredibleness
This man was just pure Dopeness...

The Return of the Ankh

"I called it 'Part II: The Return of the Ankh' because this album is the sister of the left side of my brain -- it is the right side.'Part I was the left side of my thoughts -- it was more socially political and my thought process was more analytical. This time there wasn't anything to be concerned with -- the album is more emotional and flowy and talks about feelings. It reminds of the days of 'Baduizm' -- this is just about beats and rhymes in a cipher."
—Erykah Badu

New Amerykah Part dos (Return of the Ankh) Album drops March 30th, 2010!

1. 20 Feet Tall  [produced by Erykah Badu and 9th Wonder]
2. Window Seat  [produced by Erykah Badu and James Poyser, featuring ?uestlove]
3. Agitation  [produced by Erykah Badu and Shafiq Husayn of SA-RA Creative Partners]
4. Get Money  [produced by Erykah Badu]
5. Don't Be Long  [produced by Erykah Badu and Taarak]
6. Love  [produced by Erykah Badu and J Dilla]
7. Umm Hmm  [produced by Erykah Badu and Madlib]
8. Fall in Love  [produced by Erykah Badu and Karriem Riggins]
9. Incense (Instrumental)  [produced by Erykah Badu and Madlib]
10. Out My Mind Just in Time (Part 1) (Undercover Over-Lover)  [produced by Erykah Badu]
11. Out My Mind Just in Time (Part 2)  [produced by Erykah Badu and Georgia Anne Muldrow]
12. Jump in the Air  [ft. Lil Wayne and Bilal] [produced by Erykah Badu, RC Williams and Jahborn]

Haiti: The devastation began in 1492

Friday, February 5, 2010

"They Survived Slavery, They Will Survive This"

By Russell Simmons

At this time, two and a half weeks ago, the earth opened up its deep crevasses and let out a large yell that knocked down the people of Haiti. The devastation and destruction of Port Au Prince and its surrounding areas was heartbreaking, heart wrenching and at times, almost unbearable to even look at. The sadness in the faces that appeared on television and in the newspapers touched me to the deepest of my core. I humbly did everything in my power to help and will continue to support the Haitian people in all of my capacity. While the earthquake might have knocked down these beautiful people, with history at their back, I know they will rise again.

Since the slaves of Haiti rebelled triumphantly against their French occupiers in 1804, becoming the first free black republic in the world, Haiti has since been the subject of harsh policies, U.S. military occupation (1915-1934) and a pawn in the cold war. After Haiti’s liberation, for sixty-two years America refused to recognize Haiti and then organized an embargo and blockade against them. Later, the United States along with France threatened to re-invade Haiti unless they paid France 150 million francs in gold as reparations for defeating the French, which took until the mid 1940s to pay. Just to put it in perspective, 150 million francs in gold in 1804 is equivalent to approx $1 trillion US dollars today. This began a long history of Haiti being in debt to the world.

Our relationship with Haiti dates back hundreds of years, where Haiti even sent 900 soldiers to Savannah, Georgia to aid America in its war against England for our independence. Not only did they help us gain our independence, their rebellion against the French helped us obtain the Louisiana Territory, which makes up one-third of the United States. However, once Haiti liberated itself from the French, our relationship with Haiti changed dramatically. Although we recognized Haiti as a free nation in 1862, it was largely because President Lincoln wanted to have Haiti as a place for the Africans in America to go to. Later the US government, according to many historians, was complicit in the rise of the brutal dictatorships of Francios Duvalier and his son Jean Claude with their secret police, the Tonton Macoutes, which many believe was done because of fear that the USSR would try to bring communism to the island like they had done in Cuba. Although this never happened, the connection between the United States and Haiti has been forever intertwined, and has only gotten more complicated and more one-sided as time went on.

The Haitian people were the first to be free of slavery, but they have been paying a price ever since. As the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Permanent Memorial to the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, I feel it is important to address the lingering effects of slavery that the Haitian people have endured. We, as a nation, have drained this beautiful island, but now we have the chance to repair the past. Although throughout our history, our government has at times made horrible choices, in the end, it is the people of our great country that can stand up and inspire the world once again. We have the chance to help re-build this country as a model for the 21st century, full of innovation and sustainable technology that is healthy for their and our environment. The wealth of giving that has out poured from our nation to theirs’ since this horrendous tragedy is the right beginning, but let us not stop there. Let’s continue to exude the love that is in the hearts of all decent Americans. It is this love that makes us great givers, as we know those who are in need the most, need not ask for any help. The ability to give is the greatest gift we have from god, so let us give all that we have, and smile when the people of Haiti rise again.
-Russell Simmons
United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Permanent Memorial to the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
Founder, GlobalGrind.com

Brachetto on V-Day=Panties Dropper

Thursday, February 4, 2010
So last night a friend of mine called me and asked if I wanted to join her on this fabulous adventure of learning le basics du wine tasting. Of course I said yes...who would turn down getting buzzed after a long day at work and going home "nice" on a 45 mins train ride??? Pas moi!  Anyhoot, we arrived in the basement of a winery, looked around and saw couples EVERYWHERE. The airhead que je suis said, "aww how nice, couples spending time together... by the way, why are there naked women on the wine bottles?" My friend who recently broke up with her long term beau looked at me and said
-"Hello??? Valentine's Day...duh".
-"Ooooh right!" I said giggling and thinking about if these wine can really make panties drop.
My friend on the other hand, realized it would be her first year being alone, (in her words lonely) for Vday and wondered if she should get back with her ex while downing her wine as if she's been traveling through the desert for ages and finally found water in a dry creek bed.
Oh boi
So what is it about Valentines Day (is it even capitalized)?
It's that holiday that makes taken girls brag, talk about how their lover is preparing a surprise for them, whereas it is a reminder for single gals that they are single and leave few of them sulking.
Well in my case, I never really celebrated valentines day. Not because I didn't or never had a boyfriend, but because of unusual circumstances...maybe
The first boyfriend I had, didn't care to show me any appreciation during Vday and when a secret admirer slipped a box of chocolate under my dorm door, the bf was super POed and was damn not to find the basterd who had the audacity to give his girl chocolate on Vday, while I stood there giggling and hoping that I'd find chocolate caramel in the box.
Shows you what type of relationships I've had...
The year after that, I was single, and this lonely pretty boy asked me to be his valentines. I rejected spending time with him and chose to hang out with my single girls. He found that quite odd.
Last year, I had a glimpse of what Vday was all about, was wooed at the moment, but looking back, I regret every minute of it and wish I continued my regular routine of eating chocolate from secret admirers and hanging out with the girlies.
Why you may ask.
Well because valentines day is just a regular day to me. I love chocolate and flowers on any day and love hanging out with my friends.
*Kanye shrug*
Not to say that I would not celebrate Vday even if I had a companion, but for me personally, I would hope that person would treat me special everyday. 
Especially on random days...
 My friend found it bizarre that I wasn't worried or annoyed by the fact that I'd be alone this Vday. After wine tasting, we took the train back home and she asked me, "Don't you want a boyfriend now?". The answer was Hell to the No. She gasped and shouted "OMG you're so jaded!". I said "Quoi? I just love being alone". And that's the truth y'all. Call me a cynic or a misandrist, but I'm really comfortable with being alone on any given day. Don't get me wrong, I'm very social, but if no one is around, it won't bother me, especially on valentines day. Solitude is the bane of others but it is the balm for me on any day. So this V-Day, I'll be visiting Chicago with another friend who also believes it's just a regular day, and will continuing enjoying life.
P.S. For people who celebrate Valentine's Day, Brachetto wine is le panties dropper...