Thursday, February 11, 2010
He Says

He says that I’m beautiful
But it’s deeper than brothers                                        
Honkin horns
blowin kisses
Buyin drinks
He says my beauty can be seen even better with his eyes closed
Every now and then
he swears he can touch my beauty but he says
He’s not worthy and he’s glad I can’t see that
He says he likes my style
Feminine with a little rugged
Just enough lady mixed with ghetto chic and urban funk
He says I’m powerful with poetry
The way I use ordinary words and make them sing
He hums my songs
He says he knows me
Favorite number-4
Favorite color-black
Favorite juice-peach
Favorite style-free
He says he loves the way I make love
With my whole self
Imploring, no, demanding he do the same
He says that I constantly make myself new and better
he loves that quality
an I do think that maybe one day possibly
I could spend my life with him
He says he loves me
I say I’m just lucky and I’m glad
he can’t see that

-Jill Scott