Gang Rape in Cali

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am highly disturbed by this recent unfortunate situation in Richmond, California. A 15 years old girl was raped by God knows how many folks, right outside her school for more than 2 hours. The most disgusting part is that 20 something people stood there and watched

I repeat, over 20 mothaF-ing people stood there and watched!!!

I don't get it. How do you watch someone getting rape EN VIVO and not call for help? What is going in this world? News like this makes me want to quit life. What happened to humanity?

3 months hair update

Monday, October 26, 2009
Three months already! Wowzer. My hair is growing rather fast. After a long time battling with the damages that my childhood friend "creamy crack" did, my hair had a hard time growing. So I'm very astound by the growth.

Ok so I'm a product junkie and love to try things for myself before I say "nah this ain't good." I did the inevitable and twisted my hair with creme wax [shock face]. I still don't know what motivated me to do so. I must say though, that it made my hair feel stiff and greasy and it gets slimy when I wet my hair GROSS. With that said. I'm going to put myself through a sort of detox and donate my long time friend who did nothing but cause build up Blue Magic, Black Gel who brings forth many dandruff, Itch Reliever oil that doesn't work for me, slimy Creme Wax, dry up your scalp they call me organic but I lied Organic Twist and Lock, to another product junkie who doesn't mind. I know it's a horrible thing to do but it's either that or I throw them away...Any hoo, I'm sticking to Aloe Gel, Shea Butter and Honey. Aloe Gel and Honey is the truth!!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Black Hair Is...

Poem of the Day


Bold and beautiful


rranged like a royal

Crown upon the head of a Queen or

King of the African Ancients

Head of locs proudly displayed

Accentuating our golden brown skin

Intertwining our identity with our heritage

Realizing who we are as we walk

In our Regal gait

Secretly smiling as we walk by

By Jacqueline Gabourel
Flowetry by JayDen

GRE: dum dum dum

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Saturday morning was spent sitting in a chilly room with 15 other nervous people, taking a practice GRE test. I was drowning in a pool of anxiety. We all left in frustration and questioned if we did well. One girl sighed the whole time because she felt that she still wasn't ready for the real test. I even overheard some saying that they're going to invest in a tutor. Mother goodness knows I can't afford a Princeton Review tutor to help me Crack The GRE...

How important are GRE scores and why do people let these stupid test fuck with our emotions?

I am horrible when it comes to tests. I have some mild form of ADD and cannot sit still for 4 hours filling in bubbles. After the test I started questioning myself, "How did I pass College and received a B.A. degree?". I haven't seen my scores yet, but I'm certain that I scored low. I sat there the whole time asking myself "What kind of fuckery is this? Who created these words? Grackle Dapple! I have to analyze an essay about Grackle Dapple!!!" I know it was just a practice test, but I've been studying since June and I still feel unprepared. I plan on taking the real test in Dec, but I'm starting to worry a little bit. I have a good GPA, great letter of recommendations, almost completed my personal essay, so why is it that the GRE is stressing me out?

I'm realizing how much people like myself uses these standardize testing as a means to test our intellectual capacity or educational quality. Intelligence has many facets. You could be very knowledge in a subject just by experience alone. I really believe that these tests are pointless and people should just relax. It's horrible that we all grow up fearing and stressing over someone's ideas of adequacy. This just taught me to just relax and know that my being cannot be measured and to be confident enough to know that GRE scores won't block me from getting into Grad School.

Soundtrack 2 my life

Friday, October 9, 2009
Classic album

Mmm, oOh

The 42 Laws of Maat

1. I honor virtue
2. I benefit without conflict
3. I am non-violent
4. I respect the property of others
5. I affirm that all life is sacred
6. I give offerings that are genuine and generous
7. I live in truth
8. I regard all altars as sacred
9. I speak the truth
10. I consume only my fair share
11. I speak words of good intent
12. I relate with understanding
13. I honor animals as sacred
14. I can be trusted
15. I care for the earth
16. I keep my own council
17. I speak positively of others
18. I remain in balance with my emotions
19. I am trustful in my relationships
20. I hold purity in high esteem
21. I spread joy
22. I do the best I can
23. I communicate with compassion
24. I listen to opposing opinions
25. I create harmony
26. I invoke laughter
27. I am open to love in various forms
28. I am forgiving
29. I am kind
30. I act respectfully of others
31. I am non-judgmental
32. I follow my inner guidance
33. I speak without disturbing others
34. I do good
35. I give blessings
36. I keep the waters pure
37. I speak with optimism
38. I praise divinity
39. I am humble
40. I achieve with integrity
41. I advance through my own abilities
42. I embrace the all

It is said that the Ten Commandment plagiarized the 42 Laws of Maat. When I was studying abroad in Costa Rica, I read the Mayan's creation story Popol Vuh, and was in awe. It's a replicated version of the Genesis. So funny how so many stories in the bible has striking parallels between the Egyptian and Meso-American literature. Also why is it that the Mayans and Egyptian and other scriptures are called myths and the bible is referred to ashistory?

Let it marinate for a sec...

New Amerykah

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So while sitting at work bored out of damn my mind, I turned to my Erykah Badu playlist to get through the day. Ms. Badu is my favorite artist because of her abstract nature, originality, and ancient language that she adds in some of her tracks, but today I paid close attention to her album New Amerykah, Pt. 1 and heard her message especially in Twinkle. The unknown language the man was chanting spoke to my DNA. I have no idea what was being said, but it was like being in an enlightened trance.
I looked at the album cover and noticed the different symbols in her Afro. I don't know why I never paid close attention to the album cover! Black fists, Ankh, the all seeing eye in front of the White House, hypodermic needles, burger, satellites, cell phone, mutated chains flowers, televisions, toilet bowl, handcuffs, the tree of life, peace sign, bible, dollar sign, embryos (one with a bar code) etc...I don't want to interpret what I think Badu is saying, but whatever it is, it is very powerful, dope, unique, creative, genius...If more people listening to masterpieces like this, rather than fu*k bi*ches, get money, apple juice and cookies, tap that, superman that hoe... I wonder how different we would understand each other...


They don't know their language
They don't know their god
They take what their given
Even when it feels odd
They say their grandfathers and grandmothers worked hard for nothing
'Cause we still in this ghetto
So they end up in prisons…

Gifted~[N.A.S.A.] FT. Kanye West, Santigold, Lykke Li

Friday, October 2, 2009
I love this song! Kanye West, Santigold on the side track??? WHAT!!!

End of your world~J*Davey

Thursday, October 1, 2009

End of Your World (Mama's Back) from KPL TV on Vimeo.

'Good Hair" spewl

Ok, so I know everyone heard by now of the documentary that Chris Rock sent forth. If you haven't, well here's some clips of his enlightening journey

Ok so what is he trying to prove or change? What is he trying to accomplish by putting this video out there? What is he trying to shed light on? Are some of the questions I had after viewing this pre-screening clip. So I watched the Oprah show hoping to answer some of these questions and Chris Rock still failed me.

Here's some more clips

I love Oprah's pride in having long straight hair and Chris Rock's bewilderment. Like seriously [blink blink]?

I know Chris Rock is a comedian and all, but there's so many historical reasons why saying Oprah's natural hairstyle made her look like a slave, doesn't sit well for me.


Well said Solange! I thought he was finally going to explain why people call relaxed hair "good hair", but he still missed it

I think it's natural that Chris Rock would have a comical spin on why Black women alter their hair, however he never investigates or tries to explain the why to his targeted audience. He asks women to define their definition of "good" which we all knew the majority would say "relaxed, straight" or some such. But he didn't ask why is relaxed, straight hair associated with the term good. He never asks why so many Black women are defining good hair as having European characteristics. It's such an obvious question, but he totally missed it. If he would have explored more on the historical and sociological aspects, then it would've been truly an informative documentary. Everything that he covered in his documentary (maybe except for the piece on Indian hair) is something that I think 99% of Black women already knew. So I can see why the white audience would be in awe since it finally solved their "the overnight hair growing" mystery, however what is his message to Black women who feel pretty only when their hair is straight, relaxed, clipped down, weaved up, wigged out, etc.

It's pretty simple, long straight hair is the beauty standard that has been set by white men and many of us have accepted this standard and haven't fully challenged this misconception. That's why I'm so proud of Black women who rocks their natural hair because it's a symbol of being in one with yourself and loving what's coming out of the roots.

"Don't remove the
Kinks from your hair!
Remove them from
Your brain!"

Marcus Mosiah Garvey