Brachetto on V-Day=Panties Dropper

Thursday, February 4, 2010
So last night a friend of mine called me and asked if I wanted to join her on this fabulous adventure of learning le basics du wine tasting. Of course I said yes...who would turn down getting buzzed after a long day at work and going home "nice" on a 45 mins train ride??? Pas moi!  Anyhoot, we arrived in the basement of a winery, looked around and saw couples EVERYWHERE. The airhead que je suis said, "aww how nice, couples spending time together... by the way, why are there naked women on the wine bottles?" My friend who recently broke up with her long term beau looked at me and said
-"Hello??? Valentine's Day...duh".
-"Ooooh right!" I said giggling and thinking about if these wine can really make panties drop.
My friend on the other hand, realized it would be her first year being alone, (in her words lonely) for Vday and wondered if she should get back with her ex while downing her wine as if she's been traveling through the desert for ages and finally found water in a dry creek bed.
Oh boi
So what is it about Valentines Day (is it even capitalized)?
It's that holiday that makes taken girls brag, talk about how their lover is preparing a surprise for them, whereas it is a reminder for single gals that they are single and leave few of them sulking.
Well in my case, I never really celebrated valentines day. Not because I didn't or never had a boyfriend, but because of unusual circumstances...maybe
The first boyfriend I had, didn't care to show me any appreciation during Vday and when a secret admirer slipped a box of chocolate under my dorm door, the bf was super POed and was damn not to find the basterd who had the audacity to give his girl chocolate on Vday, while I stood there giggling and hoping that I'd find chocolate caramel in the box.
Shows you what type of relationships I've had...
The year after that, I was single, and this lonely pretty boy asked me to be his valentines. I rejected spending time with him and chose to hang out with my single girls. He found that quite odd.
Last year, I had a glimpse of what Vday was all about, was wooed at the moment, but looking back, I regret every minute of it and wish I continued my regular routine of eating chocolate from secret admirers and hanging out with the girlies.
Why you may ask.
Well because valentines day is just a regular day to me. I love chocolate and flowers on any day and love hanging out with my friends.
*Kanye shrug*
Not to say that I would not celebrate Vday even if I had a companion, but for me personally, I would hope that person would treat me special everyday. 
Especially on random days...
 My friend found it bizarre that I wasn't worried or annoyed by the fact that I'd be alone this Vday. After wine tasting, we took the train back home and she asked me, "Don't you want a boyfriend now?". The answer was Hell to the No. She gasped and shouted "OMG you're so jaded!". I said "Quoi? I just love being alone". And that's the truth y'all. Call me a cynic or a misandrist, but I'm really comfortable with being alone on any given day. Don't get me wrong, I'm very social, but if no one is around, it won't bother me, especially on valentines day. Solitude is the bane of others but it is the balm for me on any day. So this V-Day, I'll be visiting Chicago with another friend who also believes it's just a regular day, and will continuing enjoying life.
P.S. For people who celebrate Valentine's Day, Brachetto wine is le panties dropper...