New Amerykah

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So while sitting at work bored out of damn my mind, I turned to my Erykah Badu playlist to get through the day. Ms. Badu is my favorite artist because of her abstract nature, originality, and ancient language that she adds in some of her tracks, but today I paid close attention to her album New Amerykah, Pt. 1 and heard her message especially in Twinkle. The unknown language the man was chanting spoke to my DNA. I have no idea what was being said, but it was like being in an enlightened trance.
I looked at the album cover and noticed the different symbols in her Afro. I don't know why I never paid close attention to the album cover! Black fists, Ankh, the all seeing eye in front of the White House, hypodermic needles, burger, satellites, cell phone, mutated chains flowers, televisions, toilet bowl, handcuffs, the tree of life, peace sign, bible, dollar sign, embryos (one with a bar code) etc...I don't want to interpret what I think Badu is saying, but whatever it is, it is very powerful, dope, unique, creative, genius...If more people listening to masterpieces like this, rather than fu*k bi*ches, get money, apple juice and cookies, tap that, superman that hoe... I wonder how different we would understand each other...


They don't know their language
They don't know their god
They take what their given
Even when it feels odd
They say their grandfathers and grandmothers worked hard for nothing
'Cause we still in this ghetto
So they end up in prisons…