'Good Hair" spewl

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ok, so I know everyone heard by now of the documentary that Chris Rock sent forth. If you haven't, well here's some clips of his enlightening journey

Ok so what is he trying to prove or change? What is he trying to accomplish by putting this video out there? What is he trying to shed light on? Are some of the questions I had after viewing this pre-screening clip. So I watched the Oprah show hoping to answer some of these questions and Chris Rock still failed me.

Here's some more clips

I love Oprah's pride in having long straight hair and Chris Rock's bewilderment. Like seriously [blink blink]?

I know Chris Rock is a comedian and all, but there's so many historical reasons why saying Oprah's natural hairstyle made her look like a slave, doesn't sit well for me.


Well said Solange! I thought he was finally going to explain why people call relaxed hair "good hair", but he still missed it

I think it's natural that Chris Rock would have a comical spin on why Black women alter their hair, however he never investigates or tries to explain the why to his targeted audience. He asks women to define their definition of "good" which we all knew the majority would say "relaxed, straight" or some such. But he didn't ask why is relaxed, straight hair associated with the term good. He never asks why so many Black women are defining good hair as having European characteristics. It's such an obvious question, but he totally missed it. If he would have explored more on the historical and sociological aspects, then it would've been truly an informative documentary. Everything that he covered in his documentary (maybe except for the piece on Indian hair) is something that I think 99% of Black women already knew. So I can see why the white audience would be in awe since it finally solved their "the overnight hair growing" mystery, however what is his message to Black women who feel pretty only when their hair is straight, relaxed, clipped down, weaved up, wigged out, etc.

It's pretty simple, long straight hair is the beauty standard that has been set by white men and many of us have accepted this standard and haven't fully challenged this misconception. That's why I'm so proud of Black women who rocks their natural hair because it's a symbol of being in one with yourself and loving what's coming out of the roots.

"Don't remove the
Kinks from your hair!
Remove them from
Your brain!"

Marcus Mosiah Garvey