GRE: dum dum dum

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Saturday morning was spent sitting in a chilly room with 15 other nervous people, taking a practice GRE test. I was drowning in a pool of anxiety. We all left in frustration and questioned if we did well. One girl sighed the whole time because she felt that she still wasn't ready for the real test. I even overheard some saying that they're going to invest in a tutor. Mother goodness knows I can't afford a Princeton Review tutor to help me Crack The GRE...

How important are GRE scores and why do people let these stupid test fuck with our emotions?

I am horrible when it comes to tests. I have some mild form of ADD and cannot sit still for 4 hours filling in bubbles. After the test I started questioning myself, "How did I pass College and received a B.A. degree?". I haven't seen my scores yet, but I'm certain that I scored low. I sat there the whole time asking myself "What kind of fuckery is this? Who created these words? Grackle Dapple! I have to analyze an essay about Grackle Dapple!!!" I know it was just a practice test, but I've been studying since June and I still feel unprepared. I plan on taking the real test in Dec, but I'm starting to worry a little bit. I have a good GPA, great letter of recommendations, almost completed my personal essay, so why is it that the GRE is stressing me out?

I'm realizing how much people like myself uses these standardize testing as a means to test our intellectual capacity or educational quality. Intelligence has many facets. You could be very knowledge in a subject just by experience alone. I really believe that these tests are pointless and people should just relax. It's horrible that we all grow up fearing and stressing over someone's ideas of adequacy. This just taught me to just relax and know that my being cannot be measured and to be confident enough to know that GRE scores won't block me from getting into Grad School.