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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gosh...I didn't realize how much I missed this space.

I'm free-styling here...bear with me if you can.

Lately I've been having this burning desire to either revive this blog, start a new blog, or write a book but I can't make up my mind. I mean...parts of me feel like it wouldn't make sense to revive this blog because it would just be beyond random. Not to say I working with a defined theme back when I was blogging consistently, however I was using this space as an outlet.
It was therapy.
On the other hand, even thought I'm holistically in a better place, I think documenting my journey on this platform would be perfect to capture my progress. Also, I met some wonderful people here and although I know some aren't using this space for themselves either, I'm sure they come back here and there. Right? Anyway. Then there's the book.

Oh the book.

I always knew I would write a book. An autobiography to be more precise. But the 'procrastinator' that I am always said, "when I'm older" or "when I have enough material to write about" and pushed it to the side. Well...I'm older and I have plenty of stories and revelations to work with that I've ran out of excuses except for, "I haven't reached my peak yet". Which is all bullshit and I know it. I'm beginning to realize I lack confidence in my writing ability. My grammar is off and I don't remember all those big fancy words I learned back in College. But I ask myself everyday if grammar and eloquence really matters when sharing your story.

It does.
To an extent.
But it doesn't mean I shouldn't share my story.




I just wanted to put this in writing since I'm sitting here with all these thoughts/ideas in my head.

On a positive note. I feel another breakthrough coming my way...


Hell Notes For Beauty said...

Go for it girl, it never hurts to try!