"New vibration"

Thursday, July 7, 2011
Hello all! I've been painting/creating a lot these past few weeks and of course wanted to share my work as well of show my creative process.

This piece is on a 18x24 flat canvas panel. I used acrylics, glass beads gel, and lumiere acrylic. I want to call this piece "New Vibration" because I believe we're in a stage where we're going through a social change. Metamorphosis.
Human Evolution...

We've all heard it. Once again the world is supposedly ending soon but this time we're following what the Mayans predicted. Although I agree that the Mayans were highly intelligent beings, I don't believe what the media is saying is the accurate interpretation. I believe that we're entering a period of conscious revolution. A time where people will stop being afraid of the unknown, leaving their cocoons, becoming free, and embracing unity and love. Funny enough, I started noticing a shift in human consciousness via social media and non-mainstream music. More and more people are becoming open minded and being in tuned with their Higher Self.

Higher Vibration....

I don't know what will happen in 2012, or how a social change will happen. But what I do know is that people are discovering themselves and recognizing their mind power and listening their hearts.

Focus on the positivity...