I have news for you lovies....

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Hello my blogger family! So I have great news. I got accepted to participate in the Black Women's Art Festival in Philadelphia this year. I'll be a featured artist at their 8th annual festival happening July 27-31st.

Black Women's Art Festival-Philadelphia

This is my very first showing. This is my first "yes" actually.  I'm still shocked (I received the invitation yesterday morning). I've been rejected so many times (especially in Boston, well only in Boston) that it was to the point where I would ask myself "why are you still doing this?". Every time I submitted sample of my artwork to exhibitions or festivals in Boston, they either don't respond back, or, make it very clear that my art is not the kind of art they want to show.  However, drawing, painting, anything artsy is my life. Without it I feel robotic and nonexistent. It's my necessity so I never took the rejections so personal to the point where I decided to quit and be complacent...No way Jose.

 I feel very blessed and honored that I was picked to join many other artists in Philly. The theme is "Healing and Joy"-very ironic considering the changes I personally gone through.

Anyway, I had to share this news on my blog. I will keep you posted.

Thanks everyone for your support. Also, those who've been in my position or currently experiencing it, don't give up please. Remember, do it for yourself, appreciate what you do, don't be afraid to stand out or be an outcast, be patient and everything else will follow.

This is only the beginning...



Amanda Trought said...

Well done, so pleased for you, looking forward to hearing how it went and some photos! Stay blessed. Amanda