I'm in love

Monday, November 22, 2010
So when I started this blog, I think I mentioned several times of how I wanted to leave Boston because of the lack of art. Every since I moved closer to the city, my thoughts about Boston changed. I tried so much to move out of Boston, but life happened and things just didn't work out. At first I sought it as a negative thing, because it wasn't working out. Now I realized that the Creator wants me to stay in Boston. At least for now. Strangers would come up to me, I'm guessing God in disguise, and would say something along the lines of "you're here in Boston for a reason". I'm a good listener and I pay attention to what people, strangers, friends, family, especially strangers, say to me especially in times when I'm feeling "confused". So I stopped my "I hate Boston!" rants and just accepted my current environment and decided to just make the best of it. 

So lately I've been attending poetry slams and started feeling at home. I go to Lizard Lounge for my dose of poetry and to fuel up my creative tank, and last night I fell in love with the night's featured poet/recording artist. Her name is Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo. Let me tell you. She's Phenomenal. Here I was thinking that all the artsy, artisitc people were somewhere in NYC, Chicago, Cali, the South, etc everywhere else but Boston. I was sure wrong. There are a lot of artistic talented people in this small city. 

Anyhoo back to Iyeoka, she's amazing. I can't think of any GRE vocab words to describe her but she's ethereal. She roars underneath her words and grabs your attention.
She roars and growls people.
She roars.
I don't think I ever heard anything like that before but I'm glad I witnessed this EN VIVO.

I recommend you all to check her out. She has 3 albums and her recent one is called "Say Yes". Please say yes and support her music. I promise you my virtual friends. You won't be disappointed.

Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo

She has a je ne sais quoi presence and is full of life. Very inspiring. I'm so glad I heard her music/poetry. She's authentic and reminded me to stay artistically authentic.

Ok so how is she relevant to my life? Well the message she delievered changed my thought process and made an impact.
"That happened in one night?" 
It sure did.

You ever asked yourself "Why am I here"? Well I have and her words answered my question.

There's a lot of unique people in this city. People that need to reveal themselves because that's the only way Boston will lose it's reputation for being "cold". I mean come on. If there's not enough different forms of art in a certain environment, what will you find other than grumpy cold people.

Anyhow, she made me feel like I need to be part of the art movement in Boston and to help beautify this small city. It was apparent especially when she said “reveal your anthem, unveil yourself”.

It's as simple as that...

Iyeoka's call- "Now that's what up."
Response- "Because it is up to us"

-Iyeoka's call and response

06 Revolution by Iyeoka O.