16 months locs

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Alright it's 3 days before my locs monthiversary but I've been itching to show results of my flaxseed gel.

I boiled flaxseeds in a about 2 cups of water and the substance started turning very slimy. You can find a pack of flaxseeds at any supermarket by the way.

Anyway, I then drained the slimy substance into a container, added a bit of olive oil and honey, let it cool down in the fridge and voila! Homemade gel. I forgot to take pics of the process but I'm sure there's plenty of those on youtube. That day I also tinted my hair with Jet Grape Jazzin (to cover my gray hairs) but it didn't really tint my hair and made my scalp green rather. Lucky for me that same day I was doing all my concoction was Halloween, so the next day people (co-workers and friends) just assumed I went out as the hulk or poison ivy...So yes the green spots that you'll see in some of the pics are due to my dye job

 I can do updo's now

And my hair is thick enough to fill in my hat now.

Oh wow I forgot to mention that the flaxseed gel is superb. It has a strong hold. I left rods in my hair over night after re-twisting my hair and the curls lasted for a whole week. Mind you, I only wore the rods once, and the curls didn't drop at all.

 I try not to re-twist my locs so often because I want them to stay thick and healthy and not thin out in the future. However, some of my friends and family are on my behind asking why I don't like keeping my hair "neat".

-"When are you going to do your hair Tarra?"

It's like me asking someone when they gonna get a touch up or when they're gonna change their tracks.
 Oh and the best part is when people refer to my hair as solely locs and not hair.

What do I mean by that?
 Let me expound.

I came into work with my hair curled, and one of my co-workers came up to me and said "I like your.... uhmmm...I don't know the correct way to call them but your dreads? Yea I like them curly like that. It doesn't even look like dreads right now it looks like hair".

It was too early for me to get on her arse so I merely looked at her and said "Oh you're talking about my hair? Why yes. This is my HAIR but styled differently" and cha cha-ed away.

And the more someone says something ignorant pertaining to my locs, the more I just want to shake dem locs and whip them back n forth and say "they must be looking lovely today to be getting all this attention"

I met some people who admitted that they took down their locs because they didn't "fit in". It's unfortunate that some feel like they can't express their individuality in order to conform.

I say eff conformity and do you. Your immune system will thank you when you learn to just say eff u and walk away...

I'm just saying


Redbonegirl97 said...

Looks beautiful.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

T'arr.a Lu said...

Thanks Tiffany!

Ayana said...

I love your hair. People are so ignorant.

When my hair was about your length and I curled it, my supervisor told me that my hair reminded her of Medusa!

T'arr.a Lu said...
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T'arr.a Lu said...

@Ayana: Well like my friend says Medusa was fierce!

Ayana said...

ha ha! Good point!