Wednesday, July 7, 2010
I know I know I've been missing for a minute. Life took me on a ride. I'm still on this ride but I think I'm close to finding whatever I'm looking for. I mentioned in earlier posts that I'm moving. Well I'm not moving to Chicago nor NYC nor D.C anymore Shit Happens At least not now.

I've been trying to escape Massachusetts because of it's lack of aesthetic but moving wasn't working out for me. I tried. Trust me I tried to leave. Cried a lot. Lost a few pounds. Fought depression or Melancholia as my friends like to put it. Lost my mind a bit... Obviously it was time to check in with my mother, God, and my Self. I decided to stay and instead of moving away from the State, I'll move out of the suburbs and into the city of Boston. Why? Because what I need for the moment is space. I realized that what I'm truly looking for is space. My own peaceful spot of refuge. I don't live in a peaceful environment for the moment, and I'm suffocating creatively. I have a lot of ideas and sketches stored somewhere in my brain and they need to come out but I have no space for them to do so. I also believe that maybe as an artist, it's my duty as well as others, to artistically change Boston. I don't know. It's what the voices are telling me and no I'm not insane. 

I thought that moving to major artsy cities would help me be closer to other artists, but I can do that with technology Right? The internet is a world in itself.  I can always take trips to nearby cities such as NYC and Philly to keep the inspiration flowing. Also, when I went to Erykah Badu/Janelle Monae concert Here! Live! in Boston! I saw all type of artistic bad ass looking people. I was kind of shocked. I feel like they're all hiding somewhere and haven't shown themselves to the world yet.

So I think this is what I should do. Moving into my own apartment and work aggressively towards becoming a professional artist so that my truth could reveal itself...