Kids are geniuses

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I was only visiting D.C. for 4 days so I figured I should test out the metro system before I make my big move. While I was on the bus, I met this little girl between the ages 5-7 who opened up my mind.

Let me first start off by saying that folks in D/M/V area are far too kind. I met some really cool people of all ages. Besides Brooklyn and Haiti, I never found any other place that ever felt like home before. D.C. I'm so there and will be a new resident pronto.

Anyway, on my way to Maryland, I met a little girl (her mom was present) who wanted to read to me. She was just learning how to read and you can tell she was excited and pumped that she didn't need much help pronouncing anymore. She was reading a rhyming book and asked me what I thought would happen next. I said "I dunno". She replied back saying "Don't say 'I dunno', use your brain that's what it's for. You're suppose to think."



She was right. I fell into the habit of saying "I don't know" that I forgot the purpose of my brain/mind. I could have easily guessed what would happen in the story because it was a simple children book. The title said it all. Sheep in a Jeep. I could have predicted the plot of the story if I had taken the time to think. So the question is, am I a lazy thinker? Have a lot of us become lazy thinkers where instead of taking a moment to think, we resort to saying "I don't know"?  I don't mean to get all Socrates, but it makes me question the power of Nommo. If words create conditions in our lives, how does the statement "I don't know" affect us? Do we say "I don't know" because we don't feel like talking or because we don't feel like thinking? If so, does it even matter?

When the little girl shared her words of wisdom, I knew that the universe or spirits were stealing my attention. Lately I've been in a je ne sais quoi state of mind, where I've turned into a mindless creature and been fawning over society's group think/authoritarianism, that I forgot how to put on my thinking cap. Ever since I left college, I've been responding to persuasion without critically analyzing what is/was said. And instead of trusting and asserting my own judgments, I applied the "I don't know" response, even when I knew I knew. Not to say that I'm capable of knowing everything presented to me, but I personally need to think before I say "I don't know". I really need to be cautious about the words and phrases I spit out, in order to prevent creating certain things into being.

I'm glad that I ran into this wise little girl because she made sure I heard her. She repeatedly said "Don't say 'I dunno', use your brain that's what it's for. You're suppose to think. You heard me?"...


Hell Notes for Beauty said...

Children have such pure spirits it amazes me. I believe we have become way too lazy especially when it comes to thinking about one self.

T'arr.a Lu said...

Yes they do indeed have pure spirits...