11 months locing

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
-Is that who I think it is? 
-Yes it is
-But her hair is so healthy looking and mature...let's not even talk about the length. I wonder what she's using...
-Well let's find out

Sorry y'all but I had to add a dialogue. Funny I was at a family cookout and someone came up to me and asked me if I've been growing them for 3 or 4 years. I smiled and said no, merely 11 months. So the consensus is that my hair is growing real quick and people want to know what I've been using. Well I don't know what's causing the growth exactly but it has to be one or all of these substances

-Fish Oil supplements: Flax Omega 3-6-9
-Bioluxe Wheat Protein shampoo
-Vitamin E oil
-Aloe Vera

I have a feeling it's the fish oil supplements. I've been taking them for years now and my hair grows faster whenever I consistently take the supplements. Anyway, instead of posting about how much I love my hair, I want to show my regular hair maintenance regimen.

So first let me start by saying that I have a major dandruff problem. I use Top Brass but it's not helping me anymore so I think that means farewell. You know what P.O's me even more, is that the dandruff are patches on the crown of my head. Like really? Why it got to try to embarrass me like that? They're all over the front of my hairline along with the 3 random branches of white hair.
You know when this started (the dandruff not the white hairs) I got burned really bad from a relaxer 6 years ago and ever since then I've had these dry patches on my hairline. So weird. I'm still looking for a solution for them. In the meantime, I use the products below to decrease the visibility of my dandruff. By the way. The hairspray bottle contains water and vitamin E oil...

Looks clean right? Ok. Well two days later MEZANMI! JEZI-MARI-JOSEF! my scalp was burning from itches. It was a disaster. What caused this? Raw shea butter  y'all. I thought I was doing my scalp a favor and BAM! More dandruff or peeling of the scalp. So I had to wash my hair AGAIN and since it was my 11th month, I decided to re-twist them and show them off

And viola

Alright well that's all folks! My last loc-ing update will be next month (A YEAR) and I think I'm going to join the locers on youtube and continuing sharing my journey there.

P.S. Does anybody know what natural regimen I can do to cure my dandruff problem?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this will work for your dandruff or not, but I started using apple cider vinegar to cleanse my hair & scalp two months ago and noticed a significant difference in the how clean everything is after the rinse, including my scalp. I've never felt such relief after washing with anything else before. It smells a bit after you've put it on, even if you dilute it with water, but the smell does fade eventually. The feeling I get after using it is just so amazing that I really want to share it with everybody. :)

All that being said, I love the locs. They look very strong and healthy and just plain amazing. Continued luck on your journey!

T'arr.a Lu said...

Oh yea I tried that as well. It doesn't work for me. I actually saw a dermatologist a few days ago and I have seborrheic dermatitis. I'm treating them with prescribed medication and it's working. Not sure if this means no more dandruff problems...