10 months locing

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
N.B.I have more pictures but forgot to upload them on my flashdrive. I'll post them up later but Yay 10 months.

I'm so glad I documented my journey because lately my locs been getting a lot of attention. I wasn't sure what all the fuss was about, until I looked at earlier photos.

 My babies are growing up *tears tears*.

They've been getting so many positive attention even from loc haters. My aunt (queen of loc haterade) who stated that I will cut them once I find a man, are now enchanted by them and say "Wow they grew a lot and getting thick T. You think dreads will look good on me?"
Funny how that works. 

Baby starter locer are now asking me about my hair regimen and that makes me smile because I used to be like that. I used to stalk (still do) people who's locs are matured and say the I-need-to-know-every-little-details-about-how-you-maintain-your-locs-and-don't-leave-out-any-information-please. This one woman who's in her 2nd month said, "I can't wait til my locs are like yours" meanwhile I look at other's who are in their 4th year or so and reinterate the same desire.

But back to the attention my locs been getting. Ever since I started locing I've been more confident and sure about myself. I've been chased down by men in the mall who merely wants to say "Miss! I like your hair" instead or "Damn you got a fatty". Maybe it's because it's obvious that I'm comfortable with my natural beauty and have no shame of going against the groupthink of society's standard of beauty, but whatever it is, I'm treated with more respect and people want to know what's in my mind, my passion, inspiration behind my art, and if I burn incense (funny), rather than what's in my pants and if I got it from my mama.

I'm not trying to knock down people who decide to relax their hair or front lace wig it...this is just my way of showing that because I feel comfortable enough to express my individuality and being true to myself, I now act in a certain way that demands respect. I get harassed a lot especially by family members and xenophobic, but because they see that I don't give two rats arse if I'm not considered beautiful by popular vote, they're forced to accept that this is who I am and I love who I be. I only trust my own vision and listen to my own thoughts anyhow, and the harassers I encounter on a daily basis realize I'm not fixing to run back to wigs or "Just for Me".

I'm not in a ranting mood today though, so I'll extract more on this thought, observation, and experience on my 1 year locing anniversary  hehe 

Like I said before, I'll add more pictures to this post when I remember to do so.

Happy locing!

Ok here's more pictures

First ponytail?


Hell Notes for Beauty said...

yes they are very thick definitely can tell they are happily growing.

T'arr.a said...

Yup they are definitely growing happily :)

Anonymous said...

As always, makes me wish I'd have been as strong about my locs as you are and kept them in. Would've been 6 years this summer if I hadn't have cut them off.