End of hiatus beginning of something new

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
A lot of changes has been happening in my life lately. However, the change that I want to write about is my art. I'm creating again. For those who follow my blog knows that my journey been super frustrating. I compared myself to others way too much and tried to imitate others style just to be "in". I don't have any formal training and my reasoning was that my art was too amateurish and not worth exposing. Well that was Miss Fear speaking, and she had to pack her bags and get the get.

It all started when I went over a friend's place and saw her nude walls. I asked her if she planned on doing anything about the nudity, and she reciprocated if I wanted to do something about it for her. I knew what she meant and said "I'll think of something".
Two days and13 hours of creating, "I'll think of something" turned into this.  
Look below

Yes. I present you "Nu'vo" (oil & acrylic on 28x30 canvas).

I called it Nu'vo (which is the French pronunciation of nouveau 'new') because it's the beginning of something new: appreciating my rawness. I mean, as much as I say I would like to take some art classes, it will never happen because I'm a devout nonconformist. Ever since I was a little person I realized that following the norm drives me insane. I have my own conceptions when it comes to art, and I rather be my own professor thank you very much.

I don't know the real definition of art or what it is, but all I know is that primal emotions is what guides me and my world. I view my art in terms of stories, personal experiences, and emotions. So when I draw women with wide hips and big behinds look above, don't think I got pencil happy or somthing of that sort,  it's just that I grew up seeing big bumbums.
Simple as that.

So this was actually my first time using paintbrushes, oil & acrylic paint, and a canvas. I normally draw on paper so this was a really good experience and I'm quite proud of myself. This was based solely on expressions rendered from my brain, without conscious preparation or any calculation about future critique. I now know that I create my true work when I dig deep and let it flow with no worries of technique. I know my work will not be appreciated by many, but that's ok. Maybe my art is meant for people who don't relate to what's mainstream. If so, then I'm glad to be part of the 'outcast' audience.

Sidenote: I'll be moving out of Boston into a new city I'll be specific when I'm established into this new city I'm moving to. One of my goals is to live somewhere that doesn't hinder my creativity artsy and have my own workplace. This will definitely happen this Summer/Fall.  For now, I can only draw when someone lets me use their floor.
*Kanye shrug*

However, I'm working on a website through weebly. I haven't published the site yet but when I do, you'll know. Also, my brushname is now my real name. Tarra Lu. This will be permanent considering it's my real name and God knows how much me gusta mi nombre. Anyhoo, everything (twitter, facebook, website, online portfolio, art) will just be Tarra Lu written as T'arr.a Lu. I'm also changing this blog's name to Tarra Lu. I don't know if that's possible but we'll see.

Tata for now :)