Coloring results

Monday, April 5, 2010

Just wanted to show the tinting results with black henna. Not much coloring going on come to think of it. I wanted my hair to be blue black but it just made my hair darker but whateves. I love my hair so much and felt like showing some more picture. 8.5 months!!!

Btw. So I read the black henna package that I used, and guess what.... it had P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) in it which is rather danger. I freaked out a bit and thought my hair was going to fall out, until I read somewhere that the FDA approves a small quantity of PPD for hair coloring but not on your skin. So far my hair is not falling out and no itching so I think I'm safe. I definitely won't be using that again. I'll look around for indigo and use that since I want to do the whole natural thing...
Alright well that's it folks!


♑ Makara said...

The coloring looks good! The danger component is the first thing I thought about when you mentioned using black henna -- I've seen it do some really ugly things to skin but it makes sense that it's harmless on hair.