New Amerykah Part II

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Last month when I picked up Nneka's last album at FYE, the store clerk looking at me and said "You seem like you'd be interested in Erykah Badu, you want to reserve a copy?"
-"Oh hell YEA!!! I mean why yes" I replied.
He laughed, "Well it's coming out on February 23rd we'll reserve a copy for you and call you when it gets here".
February 23rd came around, no call.
I began lurking around FYE during my lunch break; it was obvious I was a hardcore fan.
The store clerk recognized me and said, "you reserved Badu's CD didn't you?"
-"Well it's not here yet it got pushed until March 30th, but I promise we'll call you when it comes out aight ma".
-"Ok" as I sighed.
So I checked out Badu's website, he was right she had pushed it to March 30th.
I've been patiently waiting for her latest CD to come out and I'm happy to say that on this oh so rainy day, I finally have her CD in my hands. I walked into FYE saw the CD and I was elated. The heavens opened, the angels sang sweet songs, and despite the fact that New England is currently going through some depressing dire weather conditions, my day was brightened.
If anybody personally knows Erykah Badu, please let her know that no matter what, I am a fan for life and she is the Queen who makes my heart smile

So yea her CD is out today! Make sure to get a copy when you can!


Hell Notes for Beauty said...

Her message is truly amazing.