6 months loc update

Monday, January 25, 2010

6 months was Jan 19th but like I said. I'm late.

Half a year...

 The hair is touching the neck already! Everyone keeps asking me if I using something to make my hair grow faster. Like Wild Growth or some special butter...The answer is the power of simplicity...


Me and the locs endured a lot. I self maintain them and learned that patience is essential. I don't even care about the fuzzs anymore because I realized it's a part of the process. As you can see, they're starting to fatten up and getting fuller. Now I only re-twist them ever 3 weeks. I'm trying to re-twist them once a month from now on. I still keep my hair regimen simple. I use tea tree shampoo, shea butter moisturizer, aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil. My hair feels so much healthier and softer. I started using Grapeseed oil and so far me like...This is the best decision I've ever made.