Nota Buena

Monday, December 21, 2009
I am happy to say that I took care of all my responsibilities and now I can focus on my art. I'm officially a prospective grad applicant and so now I wait to see if I get accepted. I can feel it in my guts that Chicago would be a good move for me. I want to start my art career and be recognized as an artist. Right now, I'm working on Plan B and applying for jobs because I want to move there no matter what. The more I check out yelp and city-data talk on Chicago, I'm falling in love. If everything works out, I'll be visiting in January con una amiga. I didn't realize how time consuming and stressful it is looking for a job out-of-state. In fact I'm feeling a bit hopeless and don't think I'll ever get a job interview unless I use a Chicago address or P.O. Box. All I can do is pray and keep at it. In the meantime (I've been saying that a lot), I'll get looking for someone's basement (since I can't use mine) so I can start painting again. I have blessful friends who are giving me canvases and oil paint for Christmas and my birthday so 2010 is looking like a very good year for me, my goals, and dreams.